Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So cute

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  1. He sure is! Must get that from his mommy! Glad to see him smiling! That must be because of his amazing mom and dad. Thinking of you always.
    Karen Ann Hawkins

  2. Katie and Chris how very cute and handsome Oliver is!!! And that precious smile must be because he knows how AMAZING his parents are!!! To say that I admire both if you for your strength and courage would be an understatement!!! Even though a lot of times you may not feel very strong, you most definitely are!!! Katie I don't know if you remember me since we haven't seen each other probably in 20 years, but our Mom's are cousins. Your Mom's Dad and my Mom's mother were brother an sister. You've always been very loving and caring, and I admire you!!! A lot of people wod never make it as far as you have if they were in your situation. I pray for you all daily and you're always in my thoughts. Treasure each special moment with your precious baby boy and continue to Make Each Moment Count for sweet Ollie!! Again many thoughts and prayers are always being sent your way for you, Chris and sweet Ollie <3
    Love and Prayers, MaryJo Waller

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  3. Ollie's smile is contagious... warms the heart

  4. Hello,
    I work with Bill in Allentown and just learned about Oliver. Please know that my wife's and my prayers are with him and the family during this time. --Damon