Monday, October 8, 2012

Lots of fun visitors this weekend

I wish I had taken more pictures, but once again, it slipped my mind. I did get a few though. On Saturday my parents and grandparents came to visit. So Ollie's Nana and Papa and Grammy and Poppy. It was a beautiful fall day and Nana brought chicken parm. I've been on such a kick for that recently. The girls got to go shopping for a little while and the men hung out and enjoyed themselves. Uncle Steven came over in the afternoon too. We had lots of laughs and smiles which was a really nice. Oliver was in a good mood and napped quite well.(which he hasn't been recently). He was a cuddle bug and Nana and Grammy held him until they almost missed their return ferry home to Long Island!

On Sunday Auntie Jess, Uncle Greg and Uncle Steve came over (Oliver got to see him 3x in 4 days! We love that he lives only 15 minutes away. Love you hermano!) Steven brought chicken tenders covered in honey BBQ sauce from Pippa's (tied for my favorite with chicken parm, goodness I've been eating well. Maybe a little too well say my jeans...) So anyway, we had a lovely day of football, more smiles and laughs. It was a great weekend, even though my fantasy football is the WORST it has ever been, ever. I'm super competitive, and have gotten 1st and 2nd in the league, respectively the past two years. I hate seeing my team so terrible. Darn you Chris Johnson.

And here are some photos...

Grammy and Poppy making Ollie smile

Auntie Jess and Greg cuddle Ollie and BoBear. Poor Greg was so tired, thanks for coming over guys!

Oh and Mimi came over Thursday too! We've had a busy week! Here is Ollie and Mimi.


  1. Glad that Oliver had a better weekend, and was able to enjoy so much family! The smiles on his face are heartwarming and certainly "made those moments count"! Excellent. -Sarah, Em, and Elizabeth, who all send their thoughts and prayers his way!!!

  2. So happy to see all the smiles on everyone!! Aunt Barbara and Uncle Edward look amazing!! You're all amazing :)
    Love, thoughts and prayers, MaryJo Waller

  3. Uncle GEEG sleeping on one of Bean's blankets!