Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good day

Today was a good day, Ollie was really comfortable and had NO seizures! Yah! His seizure medicine dose was only increased yesterday and we hope it keeps working so well. It was gross and rainy all day so he just hung out, watched cartoons, listened to Denise read him books, watched Daddy repaint cabinets and Mommy use a power sander! He thought that last one was especially funny.

Nana sent Oliver an Ollie-tober present last week, it's a turtle that glows and illuminates stars onto the ceiling and walls! It does 3 different colors and Oliver loves it! He spent some time enjoying that today. Thanks Nana!

His day ended with a nice bath and massage and now he's sleeping with his turtle lighting up his room. :)

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  1. Glad to hear you had a good day :) :)

  2. Tell Ollie I'm jealous!!! I want a star turtle!! :)
    So happy that Ollie was a little more comfortable. Fingers crossed that his medicine keeps working! Tell Mr. Ciparelli to take a pic of Mrs. Ciparelli doing the construction thing! I hope you took a before and after photo of the cabinets. Its always fun to look at that stuff. Give Ollie my kiss and squeeze for me. xxoo

  3. My daughter has the turtle we love it she also has this thing called a sleep sheep it plays white noise a.s its a stuffed sheep and one of the white noise choices is ocean. I joke that I can watch the stars and listen to the ocean without leaving her room !