Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013

Here's Oliver getting ready to watch football. He's getting so big! He's been on a higher calorie formula and has gained over 2.5 pounds! Yah!

Unfortunately he's been fighting pneumonia on and off the past few weeks. It seems like he'll just be finishing the antibiotic course, have clear lungs for a few days and then aspirate again. It's frustrating, and nothing we're doing for him seems to be able to prevent it. When he has clear lungs we're able to get smiles from him, he's happy and alert. When his lungs are junky he sleeps all the time, needs constant suctioning, breathing treatments, is hooked up to the oxygen etc and just looks plain miserable. :( We wish he could just feel well for longer than a day here and there. It's just not fair.

We did get out of the house on Saturday and made it to Open Farm Day to see some animals.

It made us a little sad to remember the previous years we have attended Open Farm Day. Oliver was able to climb and play on the tractors, we have dozens of pictures of him pretending to drive them. He used to moo at the cows(though his moo sounded more like a satisfying Mmmmmmm). He could walk around, talk, point, express interest and pleasure. This year was quieter and sadder. We miss so much everything MLD has stolen from him.

On a happier note, Oliver is very excited for the arrival of his baby sister some time in the next few weeks! He hopes she's here for Halloween so they can go trick or treating together as Batman and a candy corn.