Monday, October 1, 2012

Bad morning

Seizure. Gave Diazepam. Seizure. Gave Diazepam and morphine. Screaming, arching his entire body backwards in pain.  Hyperventilating. Rocking, soothing and walking around holding him. Starting to calm down.

So hard to see him in such agony.


  1. Remember to breath and take a minute for yourself. You and Chris are so amazing! I can't even spell nevertheless administer the medicine that you give Oliver. Just being you is the greatest medicine. Does he do well with baths? Maybe just holding him in the tub with you. Or holding him while the shower sprays down on him? I always found warm water relaxes the muscles and just relieves some tension. But no body knows better than you guys. Go with your gut. It has never failed you before. xxoo

  2. Oh he loves baths! I take him in the tub with me and he just floats and relaxes in the bubbles. We'll definitely be taking one tonight.