Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I wish I had a good update but I don't really. Ollie continues to have seizures and today he was very uncomfortable. We rocked him all day long, in fact I'm rocking him to sleep as I type this on my Iphone.
Our days are very busy and sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it really stresses me out.

We get all kinds of visitors, friends, family, our nurse Denise who is here M-F, Oliver's birth to 3 PT, our hospice nurse Chris, the hospice social worker, doctors among others. Today we even had an aromatherapist/massage therapist come and work with Ollie. She used various oils on his feet and neck and gave him a gentle massage and he was calm and asleep in 5 minutes. It was pretty impressive. Her kit was pretty cool, I took a picture of it...

We will do everything and anything to help keep our little boy comfortable. He's been fighting and upper respiratory infection for over a week now and his inability to cough or swallow is making this very uncomfortable for him. We hear the congestion getting stuck in the back of his throat and there isn't much we can do for him. We use saline gel to make him sneeze it out, we use that gross boogie sucker (bulb suctioner) thing but only helps so much when he's really congested. We also have a suction machine, but deep suctioning into the throat is a slippery slope, we don't want his body to create more secretions. Oliver having a cold can be a very dangerous thing, especially since he can't swallow. He can aspirate and an upper respiratory infection can turn into pneumonia in a matter of hours. We have to be very careful.


  1. Have you tried craniosacral therapy? It's absolutely amazing, I've seen and had it done and was blown away by the results. (and I'm the world's biggest skeptic). -Sarah Savage

  2. If that's the thing where they put very light pressure on certain points around your head and suddenly your sinuses drain. I've had it done too and it really did help!