Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yah equipment!

We picked up some great equipment from a lovely woman in Farmington. She charged us only $300 for the items that her son had outgrown, if we had paid for them at full retail price it would have cost over $2600! An 89% savings if I have my math right, and I didn't even need to use a coupon. :)

Ollie in his new chair (we needed to order the shoulder strap online)

He seems very comfortable and happy in it!

Playing with the toys on his tray. How fun!

His new stroller! We have since adjusted the straps and foot plates and it fits very well! It is still tricky because he doesn't bend his legs and it puts a lot of pressure on his knees and hips having them out and unsupported like this; so we've since put a pillow under his calves and between the footplates and that seems to be working. We're looking into Botox treatment for his spastic leg muscles (on the advice of his Doctor) and that will help his legs bends and make him more comfortable in general.
Right after picking up the equipment he had an appointment with his neurologist at CCMC. Oliver is now on clonazepam daily instead of "as needed" but I honestly don't think the medicine works for him, I'll give it another week at the new dosage to see if there is improvement with his myoclonic seizures and anxiety, and if not I'll ask his Dr about trying something different. Since he started on it in June I never really thought it helped much, especially last night when we were up with Oliver from 2am-8:30am. His right leg and left arm kept jerking back and forth every minute or so despite 2 doses of the clonazapem. He was so tired (as were we!) but he was so uncomfortable that he just couldn't fall asleep. They didn't seem to hurt him, but they were definitely annoying. And because he was up all night he was really thrown off all day. He slept from 8:30-11:30am and woke up for lunch and went back to sleep for an hour rocking on Chris' lap. Then he woke up, ate, back to sleep...repeat. It was a long day!
Phew, time for bed! I hope he sleeps better tonight.

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