Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oliver's Team comes through again!

Within a few hours of the insurance/equipment post a number of people contacted us with suggestions for places to find adaptive equipment. Zahra Jolly, our newest cousin through marriage, told us about After a few minutes of searching we were able to find a Tumbleform seat (the same exact one as the picture in the posting) and even a stroller, both at a fraction of their retail cost. The kicker is that they are both being sold by the same family and they're located within an hour of us.

We have an appointment at CCMC on Tuesday so we're going to swing by the seller's house first to check them out. We are really excited to have a practical, comfortable seating solution for Ollie.

Thank you to Zahra for the resource and to the several
others who offered their suggestions and assistance. Oliver's Team supporters are always there when we need them most and we couldn't be more appreciative.

This is the same exact one from last post. Amazing!

This chair retails for $1600!

Bonus cute Ollie picture:

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  1. So good to hear. Haven't stopped thinking about Cigna not covering supportive seating. What a great website and what are the chances the items would be located so close to you. I hope they are a good match for Oliver and I hope he will be as comfortable as possible.


  2. Great news, guys. I hope it will keep Ollie comfortable. The offer for Auntie Jess to sit & hold Bean is always open!