Tuesday, January 7, 2014

catch up

I'm feeling a little guilty about not keeping up with Oliver's blog. The website sent us a 2013 reports and hundreds of people come to the blog each week to check on Oliver and we haven't written since October! Sorry team.

The thought of writing 3 months worth of recap is a bit overwhelming so I'll keep the update as short as possible and try to stay more on top of updates.

First big news, Oliver is a big brother! Thea Juliet was born a week late on 11/2. Oliver loves her and cuddles her all the time. However, he doesn't like that his once quiet house is sometimes filled with a fussy baby crying. He lets us know this by squeezing his eyes shut extra tight when she fusses too loudly for his liking. If he could still talk he'd say "Shush, shush, shush Thea!"

Next came Thanksgiving, where Ollie and Thea were hugged, kissed, held, and loved by our entire family. Our families are so important to us and seeing everyone bond with Thea and love up Ollie was wonderful.

In December Santa visited on a firetruck! (Thanks Water Witch Hose Co. #2 for delivering Santa to our door. And thanks for so much more!)

And we went to the Dream Come True Santa breakfast. Delicious and tons of fun!

We wore matching pjs

Had some smiles

And dressed like Santa



a lot..

Oliver got a really great piece of medical equipment called a Smartvest. We call it the shaky vest. Now we're using the Smartwrap because it's easier for us to get him in and out of and it doesn't agitate his gj tube. The Smartvest vibrates very quickly and in short it helps mucous from sticking to his lungs, breaks it up so he can cough it up and out!

Smart vest:

Smart Wrap

Christmas morning came and I guess the kids had been good because Santa brought lots of great toys.

Including a big squishy ball and Batman!

At Christmas with the family, much like at Thanksgiving, there were endless arms for holding and cuddling our kiddos.

Oliver's room was Batman-ified...

And he now has a sweet Batman snuggie thanks to his Aunt Ang.

And a sweet Batman hooded towel thanks to his Uncle Steve.

His Auntie Jess and Grammy completed what has been named "Oliver's picture project" which took months and months of hard work and firetruck hunting! It's worthy of it's own post, so more on that later.

As of today(holy moly I caught up!)
we are working on getting Oliver this great bed called the Comfylift bed, it will help tremendously with his night time positioning. He's growing so tall that our current set up is no longer working for him, he's been waking up in the middle of the night moaning, all squished up at the end of his bed(because it's inclined for his breathing and feeding). Poor kid! But this new bed is just what he needs, I sure I hope his new Batman sheets will fit it!

And now you're all caught up, phew!


  1. Happy New Year! .

  2. It is so nice to get your post. Your Aunt Joyce Cox came to see me at work today. She had to come to Ingleside for her mom (Esther Wrinkle). You have been a little busy. I hope Ollie gets his bed.