Monday, March 25, 2013

Oliver's School Visit

Today we went into school so Ollie could see his classroom and meet his teachers. We also had our nurse come and we tied up a few loose ends with the school nurses like where to keep his meds and planned for various situations. We've been talking about school with Ollie and keep telling him how much fun he'll be having playing with the other kids so I'm sure Ollie was a little surprised to see no classmates and about 12 adults talking around him! (the morning PreK has school T-F) He was very alert and took it all in, played with some toys, and met some wonderful people. We have a really good feeling about sending him, everyone is on the same page and Oliver was really happy and comfortable.

We signed in at the office

I'm ready to go Mom!

Hey Elmo goes to PreK too?

So many faces to scowl, I mean look at. ;)

I like Mrs. Diana my music teacher already, she loaned me a drum!


  1. The first day of school is so special for every child. I'm so glad that Oliver got to have this experience. I can see that it was obviously alot of work and preparation but kudos to you both for making this possible for your son.

  2. God bless you...posting a little note to let you know that strangers read your blog and pray for you and ache for you.