Thursday, February 7, 2013

The past week in photos

Ollie is feeling much better after his bout with pneumonia.

A radio station donated Mumford and Sons tickets to the family so Chris and his brother Greg went to see them. They had a great time.

While the boys were at the concert the girls hung out with Oliver. Here is Auntie Angie and Auntie Jess with Ollie.

Ollie has grown so quickly the past few months. His 2T pants are starting to look like capris and his shirts are showing a little midriff! A few generous people have dropped off hand-me-downs (and brand new stuff!) Thank you so much!

And we went to the adorable Kidz Korner in Brookfield and found some super cute shirts. They are so Oliver.

Then today Oliver got his second round of Botox injections in his legs. He gets them to keep the spasticity in his legs minimal and increase his every day comfort. The treatment is given every 3-6 months, his last treatment was the first week of September and the difference in his tight muscles is still amazing. Here he is in the office, sleeping peacefully with no idea that a needle is going to be jabbed 4 times into his calves. :( And I mean JABBED! The Doctor said he has "tough skin". Poor baby.

And here he is getting the injections. He was so tough. He cried, but I think your average adult would have cried more...

Then he had a strange reaction to the medicine that didn't happen last time. Hs legs got all rashy and red. They kept us there to monitor him, especially focusing on his lungs. Apparently one of the risks with Botox injections is that it can spread and the paralysis properties can impact respiration, even stop breathing completely! Well he was completely fine, and we went home half hour later to prepare for this snow...

We are slightly north of Danbury. Yikes.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent coupons. It is so much fun to get them in the mail! I really was 5 seconds behind the mailman each day to see if any came! (I know, that is really nerdy, but hey, it's the little things in life) Next week I am getting 8 free toothpastes thanks to you guys. My stockpile is starting to look amazing.

Thank you to my wonderful friends at JPS who continue to send dinners each week. Chris and I loved all the soup from the annual "Soup-er Bowl"!

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