Friday, November 9, 2012

Ollie has been running a low grade fever for two days. :( and every time he wakes up he has a few seizures. His seizures always happen when he's waking up, it's strange, but in a way I'm glad they're so predictable. It allows us to be ready with his meds when we hear him stirring in his bed. We'll run in and administer them right away. They've been lasting longer too, almost 30 seconds of back arching and screaming. They are the most horrible thing to watch as a parent, we're so helpless, there is nothing we can do but hold him and wait for each one to end and then pray that no more are coming.

What an awful way to wake up. Our poor baby.

I feel like I sleep with one eye open and one ear alert at all times. I never feel like I actually sleep.

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  1. As a mother of a child that gets Febrile Seizures I get the helplessness, the panic, the fear, and the pain of watching them go through matter how many times you see it, no matter how prepared you are, it never gets easier or less painful for you to watch. I can't begin to imagine the pain you feel watching him go through everything he is going through. I'm so sorry that you have to watch your beautiful baby suffer. It's so cruel. Beyond cruel. It truly is just torture and my heart aches for you both and for Ollie and for everyone that loves him. I pray for you every day - although it makes me question how God could let this happen to such a beautiful little boy. But I still pray...I pray for a miracle...I pray for you to have strength as a couple, and as parents...I pray for Ollie not to suffer...I pray for you to have as much time as possible to cherish every all are in my thoughts and prayers every day.