Friday, September 21, 2012

Such a nice day.

Zoo, good nap, woke up happy, had a visit from his buddy Tanner and watching some Curious George. I wish every day could be so easy and happy. :)

Thank you Sarah Noble family for sending Ollie the books and DVDs, we enjoy them every day. Ollie loves Thomas and Curious George!
And thank you John Pettibone Family, you guys are something else, simply amazing. Chris and I are enjoying the meals and desserts soooo much! Who knew that educators could also make such great chefs? hehe You are keeping us both eating and at healthy weights, which our mothers (and some friends ;) ) surely appreciate. Not to mention the tremendous emotional support and offers to help out at the drop of a hat. It's great to have such a strong community supporting us.

Tomorrow we will be sending all our thanks to the Bethel community. A Family Fun Track meet has been organized in Oliver's honor. Here is the link to it...

Oliver's Track Meet

I wish we had thought to post it sooner on the blog, but our minds don’t plan ahead very well anymore. If you can make it there to show your support we'd love to see you there. It starts at 12:30 at Bethel High School. It will even have an obstacle course in the middle of the field for kids!

Kisses from my buddy Tanner.
Thanks for visiting bff. :)

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  1. Hello Katie,Chris and Ollie~

    I saw a table at the Country Fair today and heard your story...I just wanted to let you know that even though I haven't met you I will pray for you all.

    Kathy M.