Friday, September 21, 2012

A fun day at the zoo

We had a lovely morning at the Beardsley Zoo. All the animals were awake and running around. On our drive down I called Oliver's Uncle Steve at work and without hesitation he was there to meet us! I love our Friday morning getaways with Oliver's health aide Rachel. Oliver really likes her too, today she ran around corralling the peacocks to get them to come closer to Oliver's stoller. It was so funny! She also takes great pictures! We stopped for 5 guys on the way home for burgers. Now we all need naps!

Great to see you Uncle Steve!

Here's Rachel chasing the peacocks over to Oliver

There is a fox somewhere in this picture

The tiger was only a few feet away!

Arms getting tight, a sign that we need to take him out of his stroller before he gets too upset

I insisted we take a picture with this cow

Getting tired, time to head home. :)

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