Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Little Bit of History

Today we visited the Castillo De San Marcos, which was constructed in 1672 to protect the city of St. Augustine from invasion. It is one of only two fortifications in the world built out of a semi-rare form of limestone called coquina (The other is Fort Matanzas National Monument 14 miles south). After we purchased our tickets we were kindly asked not to sit on any of the cannons, so Oliver the rebel sat on a this instead....

He's such a trouble maker...

He was locked up for his insubordination

Daddy gives Oliver a history lesson

There will be a quiz on this later Ollie. To which Ollie replied that he'd rather be put back into that jail cell than take one of his Daddy's history quizzes.

He started to get very hot. Children with MLD have difficulty regulating their body temperatures. That's a small portable fan that clips onto his stroller. It's wonderful. And we just bought a few mist fans for Disney. We leave tomorrow for Orlando and Give Kids the World! We are very excited!

Don't sit on that cannon Uncle Steve

Ariel view of the fort


  1. Hey Katie,
    I just started reading your blog [got the link from Sarah's FB] a couple days ago.
    You guys are going to love GKTW. Several of my former patients and their families went there on Wish trips and loved it. Be sure to eat lots and lots of ice cream while you're there :) Hope you enjoy every moment!

  2. So glad to see that u made it to Disney!! Hoping that you all have a great time and God Bless u all ~ Love Allie