Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happiness mixed with sadness

We had a lovely day yesterday. We spent our morning at the beach, and afterwards we ate lunch at a place called "Aunt Kate's". It overlooks the water and Ollie liked watching the boats. Chris had a fish wrap and I had blackened fish tacos. I've never had fish tacos before, how come nobody ever told me how delicious they are? I would have started eating them about 28 years sooner. Ollie had a cheese quesadilla, we tried to get him to order fish but he can't bring himself to eat any of Nemo's friends.

We watched the fireworks over the Castillo de San Marcos. They were beautiful, Oliver liked them even more than the fireworks on the ceiling of the limo. Each brilliant burst of color made him smile more than the last, and his eyes didn't leave the sky once during the 20 minute display. Talk about great toddler attention span.

We didn't even see the fireworks, not really, we took turns holding Oliver so that we could each watch HIM. We didn't stop smiling either, watching him enjoy something with such innocence, reveling in the simple joy of bright light and loud sound, was better than any fireworks display in the entire world. But at the same time it brought us an incredibly deep sense of sadness, because despite it all, and despite how hard we try to live in the moment, we could not stop wondering about the very real possibility of this being the last 4th of July display Oliver would ever be able to see.

But we can't allow ourselves to think like that, we can only think about the present, and presently we are about to go in the pool, which Oliver has been loving! Enjoy each moment and go give someone you love a hug and kiss.

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  1. Tears in my eyes but a smile on my face. Love you guys, hope you're having an amazing time in St. Augustine.