Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fundraise with a simple "like"!

Calling all members of Oliver's Team!

 We have a great opportunity to win thousands of dollars for Oliver and MLD research. As of 1:00 on Saturday afternoon we are in the lead to win a facebook contest being thrown by the minor league Rock Cats baseball team here in CT. You all know how competitive I am, and this is for the closest cause to our hearts.

It's super simple, just follow the link below to the Rock Cats Facebook page (you'll need to be logged in to your Facebook account to vote) and look for the post on the charity voting.

Once you arrive on the page, scroll through the comments and look for the comment made by "Wendy Jolly Ciparelli" and "like" her comment. And that's it! 

The Rock Cats will donate $1 for every ticket purchased for their August 14th game to the charity with the most votes. The Rock Cats average attendance is 4,901 people, that's an awesome amount of money to win! We currently have 273 votes but I know if we work together and all ask even 5 friends to vote on Oliver's behalf, we will definitely win. Link them to the blog, cut and paste this post and email them, Facebook message them, whatever you like. Spread the word! The contest ends 8/3.

Make sure you are "liking" Wendy's comment, not just the original post itself. And also be sure you are not adding your own Oliver's Team comment.(which would split our votes and those won't count). Thank you so so much!

Oliver taking his "yum yums" (his medicines) and getting a leg massage

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