Sunday, July 29, 2012

A good day so far

Ollie has only been a little crabby today, and we've been able to get lots of smiles. Nana called to talk to him and he loves that, he thinks the phone is some kind of magic object and laughs in his funny way the entire time she talks.

We got him to eat almost 400 calories so far, which is a ton for him! He hasn't been chewing very well, so he's been most likely to eat if we offer him things like yogurt and applesauce. If we give him something he needs to chew (even if it's soft like macaroni and cheese-his favorite) he cries and lets the gross drooly food fall out of his mouth and right onto Mommy or Daddy. So fun!

He's going to need gtube surgery soon, he's been losing weight. He was 26.8 lbs at his 24 month check up and only 24.6 pounds the other day at 28 months. That's not good, he's fallen off the weight chart and we worry about him getting dehydrated since he really struggles with swallowing liquids(he coughs a lot) but he's been good thus far with wet dipes and all. We've been talking about the surgery with the neurologist and are trying to schedule it soon so that we can have it before he actually needs it, it's safer that way. Rather than have him wake up one morning having lost his ability to swallow completely and need to rush him in for emergency surgery. He's napping now, so I'm going to clean up this pigsty.

Daddy massages Ollie's legs and Ollie massages Daddy's face

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