Monday, June 18, 2012

What is going on with our little boy?

Oliver woke up at 3am, much more alert than he has been the past 36 hours. Still not back to "baseline" as the Drs keep calling it, but it's good to see glimpses of our little Oliver again. He even said Mama! We think he can see at least a little because he's he's been tracking us with his eyes if we go on different sides of his bed and definetly feels more like he's looking at us not through us. Oh my God I hope so. Some minutes he'll be looking at us and some minutes he's glazed over and we're wondering if he's having absense seizures. We're having the EEG tomorrow so we'll know more then. We even got him to do a small giggle and smile when I played "there was a little mousy" and tickled up and down his leg. His smile melts our hearts. Bad news is he keeps having painful muscle spasms that cause him to clench up his entire little body, all 25 lbs of him, as he's lost a lb since April :( and yelp in pain. They make us feel so powerless, we want nothing more than to take away the pain. Now he's falling back to sleep. Hopefully the spasms will let up enough so he can rest.

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  1. Katie,Chris and Ollie
    I update the church prayer line. May God heal Ollie and give u all strength and comfort. We love you all.Peace and Love Allie