Sunday, June 10, 2012

Toddler Tech

Oliver has been able to unlock an iPhone since he was 10 months old so he was right at home when he received his new iPad. So far it's a tie between "Toddler" and "Elmo Calls" for his favorite app. "Toddler" lets him tap animals to hear their sounds. His favorites are the lion and the bear after which he always gives his version of each. While the untrained ear might say that they're identical, it's clear to us that his lion is a tad more ferocious.

"Elmo Calls" does what its name implies. It looks like Elmo is calling the iPad and you can actually FaceTime with Elmo. Ollie is equally interested in Elmo's shenanigans and his own little picture in the corner which he loves to move around. He's also fascinated with the big red "end call" button in the middle of the screen which has led to some short calls. Elmo never holds a grudge and always calls back to tell Ollie how much he loves him.

Katie and I would really like to thank Linda Anderson and the Scotty Fund for their amazing support and generosity. Ollie's iPad was a gift from this great organization who provides support for families who find themselves in situations like ours.

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  1. Yay, Oliver! What an adorable little toddler techie!