Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's the small things

When we first decided to start this blog, it was really for the purpose of keeping people up to date with everything going on with Oliver. We were finding it difficult to retell sad news over and over again, all while maintaining the ability to go to work and function like a human each day, sleeping, eating, moving.  But now it's become something more, and I'm glad. It's become an outlet for Chris and I to express our emotions, to vent our anger, our sadness, and equally important, to share our happiness and post about the small things we do each day to make Oliver smile. 

When you really think about it, it's the "small things" that make up most of your life. The "big things", weddings, births, first day of school, graduations, etc, they make up a such a small percentage. Our real lives are how we spend each ordinary day; eating family meals together, going for walks, working at jobs we love, singing songs in the car, playing with trucks, reading books together. These are the important things. This all sounds so cliche', even as I type it, but trust me, it's true. I may only be 30 years old, but my perspective on life has changed so dramatically in the past few months that I don't even recognize myself, and my priorities from before. Why did I stress about that silly stuff? Worrying about what cranky, negative people thought or getting anxious about completing every single task at hand, right away, perfectly. It all seems so trivial in the big picture.

We may be grieving our son's stolen future, but we are truly living every single minute of his present. Don't be too busy, don't be too rushed, so stressed, frazzled or removed from the moment. In 30 years you won't look back and wish you spent more time using your Iphone, cleaning your house, or watching TV. You'll remember and dream about those small moments you shared with your family and friends. Live in the moment and make each moment count.

Here was our favorite moment of today:
 Eating whipped cream for dessert. :)

We never knew, but apparently it is Oliver's favorite dessert, it tastes delicious, super easy and as a bonus the can makes a funny noise which he thought was simply hysterical! Had I known this a few months ago I could have saved myself a lot of time and money that I spent making his 20 lb Elmo Birthday Cake! He would have been just as happy with a plate of whipped cream! :)

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