Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trying to beat the heat

Recently it's been difficult getting Ollie outside for any fresh air. The 95* heat and humidity is just no good when he's having breathing issues. Today however we managed to get out for a nice long wagon walk before it got too warm. :) He was awake and relaxed the entire time(he usually naps).

He started a third type of antibiotic yesterday, but it can take 72 hours to see it's effect. Let's hope the third times a charm!

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  1. Yeah Ollie! Sounds like a fun time in the sunshine! Good for you hun! I hope that you feel better soon. Hugs to you and mommy and daddy!

  2. The breezey air was nice this morning. I care for my Mom fulltime and we were having to stay in a lot lately too. Nice to see you out. Still praying for you all nightly.