Sunday, June 16, 2013

Looking for Ollie Care

Chris and I need to go back to work in late August so we're working on finding care for Ollie. He'll have his nurse with him at all times to tend to his medical needs, but our insurance won't allow us to leave the nurse alone in the house. (I know, how stupid).
So we're looking for someone to cuddle, read books, watch cartoons, play with toys and go for walks with Oliver and his nurse(who is super nice), maybe vacuum and do a load of laundry. The hours will be from 7:45-3:30, except Monday and Thursdays, if he's well enough to go to school on those days, we'll only need the babysitter from 7:45-12:00 because he'll be going to school in the afternoon with his nurse. We'll be able to pay the sitter $9/hour. If you know someone loving, compassionate and reliable, that might be a good babysitter for Ollie, either for a few days a week, or all 5 days, send us a message on his Facebook page or email us at

Thanks Team!

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  1. You may consider calling 2-1-1 to find out if they can offer support. Based on your situation, you may qualify for respite or other resources provided for free or on a sliding scale.