Thursday, May 9, 2013

Not again!

Ollie woke up with a fever of 103* with purple lips and nail beds. His pillow was covered in yellow mucus he must have hacked up during the middle of the night. We immediately did some lung therapy to bring up the gunk then suctioned it out of his nose and mouth so it wouldn't settle back down in his lungs. When enough yuck was up and out we started him on a breathing treatment to open up his lungs, followed by a few hours of oxygen.

It's 3:00 and the color is back in his cheeks and lips, but his lungs are crackly, it's pneumonia, again.

Luckily he's doing alright at the moment, very sleepy, but breathing sounds good, nothing like last week. We're not sure if this is a brand new pneumonia or some leftover bacteria that didn't get killed off last week and started to breed again when his antibiotic course was over but our plan of attack is still the same. Antibiotics, lung therapy, supplemental oxygen, breathing treatments, kisses and cuddles.

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