Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun December Ahead of Us

It's easy for us to see how different this Christmas will be, there is no denying it. The differences are huge. We are in a completely different world than last December. Last Christmas Ollie could walk around and say "Ho Ho Ho", he could sit on Santa's lap, he could talk about snow and presents. He could ride his roller coaster and eat Christmas cookies. This year, well, we strive every single day just to make him smile.

Although it may seem impossible, we're really trying to only focus on the holiday season we are in right now. We have so many fun things planned this December, starting as early as tomorrow.

The Scotty Fund, who has given so much to our family, is holding a Gala in Danbury. Ollie is going to have a "date" with our favorite nurse while we attend. We're also going to cut down our Christmas tree with Uncle Steve. On Sunday we're attending a Breakfast with Santa with our Dream Come True family (they sent Ollie on his dream trip to Disney). Next week our good friends Suz and Col are visiting. We also have Christmas parties with several great friends including the amazingly supportive Grimes family. (Chris' fellow Bethel track coach) We have the Ciparelli family party, and we'll also be heading to Long Island to see my family. We're going on the Polar Express Train with Santa with Ollie's cousins and Aunts and Uncles. And of course Santa is visiting Oliver on a firetruck. (That's a minimum of 3 Santa sightings if you've been counting.) :)

So while we could easily sit around and cry about how different this Christmas will be for our family, we won't. We're choosing not to. We will celebrate this Christmas like no other. We will laugh, hug, kiss and we will smile. We will shed tears, but it will still be amazing, just like our Oliver.


  1. Your strength as parents is truly an inspiration. We pray for Oliver and you as his parents each and every night. You are in our thoughts every day. God Bless.

  2. wow.... You are amazing.... I read your blog weekly and I am always amazed at your strength and love for Ollie. You guys are an inspiration and wonderful parents. Ollie is blessed!!!!
    Have a Merry Christmas and Enjoy all of its happiness...
    You both deserve it......

  3. I found your page through Facebook and spent the last hour or so reading all of your posts. Your story has touched me so much, I know in one of them you said you didn't feel strong, but I couldn't imagine bein in your shoes and strength and courage are the two words that come to mind as I read about your journey. Your goal of spreading awareness about this disease is definitely working through this blog and I will be sure to share your story with others. God bless and you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Chris and Katie...I'm sure this will a blessed holiday full of magical memories. We look forward to seeing Santa Ollie at the Ciparelli Family Christmas Party...LOVE the HAT! I think it's the best one yet. -Sarah, Elizabeth, and Emily

  5. You are a true inspiration of how to live life! Making the holiday season as it should be, truly magicial and blessed. Ollie is lucky to have two such loving and strong parents! You are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you the most magical Christmas.

  6. Santa frequently makes appearances at the Ciparelli family party as well <3 that makes at least 4!!! And Tyler & Abby are soooo excited to go on the Santa train!! We bought elf hats for them to wear :) we love you all soooooo much!!!
    <3 auntie Angie, Tyler & Abby

  7. To Auntie Angie and all Ciparelli's...I am betting that this will be the FIRST ever year we will all be clamoring for the "honor" of playing Santa and Mrs Claus. If doing so makes Ollie smile then anyone would gladly don that dress and ring those bells. (after years of yelling "not it" because I have little ones). See you all soon. Love, Sarah, Lib, and Em

  8. <3 it's going to be a fantastic evening :) uncle Greg might be a great pick for santa :)
    Can't wait to see everyone!!'
    <3 angie