Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkins in the Park!

Oliver has been feeling much better over the past few days. He's still a little sleepy and he tends to take naps throughout the day but his fever is gone. His breathing is much better as well. Thank you to everyone who sent him healing thoughts and prayers.

Tonight, while Mommy was at the wedding of a dear college friend, Uncle Greg, Aunt Jess, Uncle Steve, Ollie and I went to Pumpkins in the Park at Harrybrooke Park. We've wanted to go for the past few years but have always had a conflict. This year Ollie threw on his raccoon costume and we headed off into the night.

A super scary haunted tree.

The JPS pumpkin. Yea Mommy's school!

Ahhhhh! Beetlejuice! He sounded just like the real thing.

This is more like it. Less scary.

Jack the Pumpkin king! Mommy and Daddy have been walking around singing "This is Halloween" all month long.

Ollie had so much fun and now he's pumped for Halloween!
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  1. Awww
    It's Megan Granja and Heather Dempsey
    and we are so sorry about oliver.
    That photo is adorable