Monday, October 15, 2012

His fever is down which is good, the motrin is keeping it under control. But he threw up his evening formula all over the living room. It was very scary. I was holding him in the brown chair and he started struggling to breathe, his eyes got wide and he was opening his mouth but no air was going in or out, it sounded all gurgly, like someone under water. I almost panicked, but I sat him straight up and a good deal of his formula came up and out. He continued to gurgle, because he can't swallow, some formula must have been stuck in his throat. We quickly repositioned him onto his side and leaned him forward and the rest came up. He whimpered for a few minutes, he's a little pale but he started to look better and his breathing mellowed. We even got a few smiles from Mommy making silly duck noises. I think I'll sleep next to his bed tonight.

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