Friday, October 5, 2012

Bethel Schools and Community, we are almost speechless. Thank you.

Thank you so very much for everything you have done. We cannot wait to share pictures of the amazing night you blessed us with yesterday, and thank you also to the beautiful families and teachers at Johnson School who raised so much money for Oliver through their Family Fun Night. You have filled our hearts to the brim. It is difficult to put into words how incredibly loved you made us feel last night and how immensely grateful we are for all of your support, it has brought us to tears. For months we've felt isolated, suffering in silence as we lose our son to a disease no one has even heard of, but last night you reminded us that we are not alone, not at all. We are humbled to be surrounded by such incredible, caring families.

If you have any pictures of the track meet or from the dinner last night, please email them to me at Between the sheer number of people in attendance, the countless hugs and warm smiles, the raffle baskets, everything, it took my breath away and I didn't take a single picture. Especially if you took any photos of those FANTASTIC raffle baskets. They were beyond anything I could have dreamed of! So if you have photos please send them my way and I can post them for the world to see. The world should know how amazing you are. Wow, we are still just in awe of everything.

Here is a link to the Bethel Public Schools Newsletter and Superintendent's News where he discusses how the community has really pulled together to support Oliver and our family. We are forever grateful.
Bethel Newsletter
And here are a few pictures that Chris' sister took:


  1. It was an honor and a privilege to help... Tell Chris that Matt refereed football dodgeball in the gym that night for 3 hours - and he has a new appreciation for teachers! Remember - the Johnson School staff is committed to you staying home with Ollie to make each moment count! If you need, please let us know and we'll put together another fun night!

  2. Almost speechless I offer more prayers and more love...

  3. Absolutely wonderful!! If there was every a way to show how many lives Oliver has touched, then this is one shinning example. We always here about the horrible things that are going on in our world, and very rarely do we hear about the wonderful good that goes on in this world. I wasn't there that evening but I know the overall feeling in that room must have been a feeling of Hope. I know lately Hope is pretty hard to come by when you are dealing with the everyday necessities of Oliver. And you are 110 percent correct when you say it's not fair. What I wouldn't give to not have you go through what you are going through. But memories are like a finely woven blanket and if one thread is pulled out the rest of the weave slowly falls apart. If I were to change things so goes the memories of you and Chris painting that room together, sharing the photos of the progress. Also goes the pregnant belly pics, the food posts, the horrified expression on your face when you realized you weren't dressed up for your baby shower. The texts right before your labor, the explosion of happiness when you announced it was boy. The memories of you crazy large birthday cakes! :) I must be horribly selfish because despite my anger at the fact that you must go through this I don't know if I would want to give up those memories. You are so much better than I because I think you already know that you wouldn't. To take you away from the here and now means that Ollie is taken out of the equation and I know you would never stand for that. In my heart of hearts I know that all you are doing and all you have done will come back to you in some wonderful way. You may say its wishful thinking, but I don't think so. When a baby has a terminal illness we automatically lose hope. What is there to hope for? There is no cure, no magic potion that is going to make everything good again. But we can't give up hope Katie. I hope everyday that Ollie has an easy day. I hope everyday that you and Chris can still hold each others hands and smile. I hope that someday you will be able to wake up and not feel like you are drowning in sorrow. I hope that one day the sound of laughter will ring throughout your house again. We as human beings have a great capacity for hope and the will to make that hope one day a reality. I think that room that night was a wonderful example of Hope. I hope that while you and Chris sat in that room you were able to take a few breathes without feeling pain; and in that moment you didn't feel so alone and you knew that you guys can do this a make it through it surrounded by love and support of your friends and family. Maybe just for a second, you were filled with Hope. Hope for the future is out there and you and Chris will get there. Not today, not tomorrow and probably not for some time to come but you will one day and like that room showed; we will all be there with open arms when you do.