Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vermont or Bust!

Oliver took 2 meals through his new button and it still leaked, but not as much. He's had three different tubes pulled out and pushed into his body over the course of 3 days, so understandably the skin around the site has had a lot of trauma and is stretched a bit. Can I brag that our tough little guy didn't even shed a tear? He is more than a trooper! Just watching it almost made me cry! The tract will heal and close up tighter around the tube over time, resulting in less leaking. Let's hope it happens quickly because carrying him to the car just now resulted in semi digested formula leaking out all over Mommy. I won't lie, it is pretty gross. Not dangerous, but gross.
My cousin Tamara(my maid of honor) and her fiancé Neil are getting married today! We missed the rehearsal dinner/party yesterday and we were sooooooo bummed. So we are gung ho to get there today! We were just released from the hospital and we're cruising back to New Milford, showering, changing, hopping back in the car and making the 3 hour drive to Vermont. We are determined to make it, the wedding is at 5, wish us luck! I am bringing a spare dress in the likely event of a tube leaking incident. Good thing I bought a second one at TJMaxx on Thursday. Every smart girl should have a back up dress. ;)
A big thank you to Vicki for my gorgeous hair cut and highlights and her daughter Amy who painted my nails just because she's a super sweet person! I was the prettiest Mommy in the ER last night. Hehe

Vermont or bust Mommy!

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