Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 5- Such a Trooper

Ollie has had a lot of post surgery pain and we spent most of the night trying to make him comfortable. Morphine worked for the most part but he still had breakthrough pain and a few times it caused his heart rate to drop below 50 (way too low for a 2 year). On the other side, when he was feeling the pain his heart rate was in the 180s (like someone running around) and his respiratory rate was over 40 breaths/minute. The short shallow breaths were scary to watch, it looked like he was panting! Between a combination of Motrin, Tylenol and morphine we've been able to keep him as comfortable as possible considering the poor boy had a hole poked through his stomach and abdominal wall.

Ollie's buddy Addy came to visit (she brought her parents Erin and Chris with her). Thanks for driving all the way up guys, it meant a lot to us. Addy was giving Ollie kisses on his head, which normally he'd hate because girls have cooties, but he didn't mind them yesterday.

Last night we gave Ollie his medicines through his tube and everything went smoothly, in a little while the nurse is going to show us how to use the tube for his "feeds". I really hate that term, it makes me think of animal feeds, like chicken "feed". I think I'll just call them his belly meals or something nicer. We're going to start him on pedialyte and see how he tolerates it and then pediasure. He can still eat by mouth however much he likes but the pediasure will be used to supplement his calories and nutrients. Nana and Papa are coming to visit. Ok the nurse is here.

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