Monday, August 13, 2012

House Arrest

Good news, the insurance company is paying for Oliver's formula. That should save us a few hundred dollars a month.

They've also agreed to give us 40 hours of nursing care a week but we're having some issues with that already. Cigna is one of only a few insurance companies that requires a caretaker to be home with the nurse while they provide care, fine, but they won't allow the nurse to leave the house, not even if the caretaker comes too. The nursing company has no problems taking Oliver out of the house, but Cigna won't allow it. So no walks in the park, no trips to the library, no aquarium. Stuck in the house, all day long. It's simply not right to keep a two year old locked up in a house all day. How incredibly boring and lacking in stimulation!

If Chris wants to leave the house, the nurse clocks out and goes home and he needs to take Oliver out all by himself. This is a difficult endeavor even to go to simple places like the food store. Out in public is where we would need the most help, managing all of Oliver's equipment and moving him in and out of his carseat and into wheelchair. Feeding him outside of the house is much more complicated too. Chris and I always take Oliver out together nowadays, it's too tough with just one of us.

So now we're not sure what we're doing, I'm even thinking of taking leave too and staying home, at least then the two of us can provide Oliver with the experiences he deserves.


  1. Arghhh I hate insurance companies!!!! (sorry I am going to rant in this post!) And the fight of the insurance company has begun! Just because they say no, does not mean you wont get it. Start doing what you do best Kaite, start writing! I am not talking about just emails, I mean full on real letters! (I know how old fashion) People really devalue the effect they have, but they do work. You find out who that top person is and personally address it to them. Your local library is a great resource for that stuff and of course the internet. Make sure everything is certified that way you know they got it. My old next door neighbor who now has seizures and had to have brain surgury had to go through the same fight with his insurance company. They didnt want to approve a seizure alarm that was only available in Europe. This was supposed to help prevent the onset of a full on seizure by forwarning people that he was having one so someone could get to him in time. Thereby saving the insurance company thousands of dollars in hospital stays. The actually told them nope, we aren't paying for it. Well with the onslaught of letters, phone calls and advocates they finally got it. Your point is beyond valid and they have to at least consider it. Your words are very powerful on paper and even though they claim not to have a heart at some point you will get to the right person that will hear your case. Not let the boy out of the house!!! That is just ridiculous! Talk about the quality of life! Don't give up Kaite!! I know you will get somewhere with this!!

  2. Katie, I would be willing to write letters too, if you think an onslaught of letters would help. Just say the word!

  3. Katie: I have your back on this...And if I did not get this teaching job I would be there to help you and Chris and Ollie.. May God Bless you all today and every day

  4. I have the number of a health care advocate through the state that I will call you with tomorrow. Does your union have an ins rep you can deal with? I will be in touch tomorrow.

  5. I will write letters... I will Write everyone....the newspaper, your senator, the insurance company.

  6. Well....I'm not a nurse, but I will totally donate my time to stay with Oliver everyday. :)
    (ps- I will meet up with you in a couple of weeks after I sell more bracelets!)

  7. Thank you everyone. We are still trying to figure things out, but you are right, it is completely unacceptable and cruel to expect a 2 year old to stay locked in a house all day.