Monday, July 2, 2012

Travel Day

We woke up bright and early, earlier than Dunkin Donuts even opens. Our limo came and picked us up at our house and it was a great having someone else drive and not feeling rushed. Ollie thought the firework lights on the ceiling were magical! He was so cute, he kept pointing to them and looking at us, as if to say "Uh guys, are you seeing this too??"

Our flight was delayed, but only by 25 minutes so we had time for breakfast and watched other planes take off. Ollie won "Toddler Traveler of the Year", he did so great on the plane! On the other hand I had to keep telling Chris to stop throwing his Cheerios and kicking the seat in front of him. ;)

We arrived in Jacksonville without a hitch, picked up our sweet Chevy Malibu and headed to Saint Augustine. We spent some time in the pool, picked up some supplies at Target and had butternut squash ravioli for dinner. Here are some pictures:

Sitting next to Dad in the limo

Playing with my new JetBlue plane

Daddy flying my new airplane

Oooo this pool is so warm!

I cannot believe how many Disney animals are at the condo!

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