Sunday, July 22, 2012

We miss his sweet voice

Ollie hasn't said Mama or Dada in over two weeks. He only says about 3 words a day now, all one syllable words. We can get him to say "Go" if we say to him "Ready, set..."

But there is no more "Get down Poppa", no more "firetruck", "cookie", "choo choo", or even "Elmo". There is no question that the saddest of all is no more "Love you Mama" or "Love you Dada". It breaks our hearts. Bit by bit this disease is taking him from us, and we have to watch it, helpless, knowing there is nothing we can do to stop it. We miss his sweet voice, true and beautiful music to our ears. The melody, so sing songy when he'd tell us his colors or count to 3 and clap for himself, the softness of his whisper when we were whispering to him first and he thought he was supposed to copy us, even his loud and boisterous "No!" We miss that one too. We miss the little boy who used to point and call out everything he saw when we'd drive in the car. "Car Mama! Truck Dada! Goooooo! Stop! Bye bye house. Bye bye Poppa." No more. Now we spend our days trying to figure out what he's asking for through his frustrated cries and tears. And when he's not crying, he sits silently, sometimes we all sit silently, missing the sound of sweet music that once filled our home.

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