Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another Magical Day

After a long night (fireworks at Epcot!) we slept in this morning and then put on more matching shirts. Ready for another day with Mickey and gang.

Before we went back to the Magic Kingdom, Kate and I decided it was time to put Oliver's star in the star tower. We knew this would be an emotional experience. Give Kids The World gives each child who stays there a star which they write their name on and then place it in a magical box. Overnight the star fairy comes and then places it on the ceiling with thousands of other stars for all the kids who have stayed there. It's overwhelming to see all of the stars representing so many kids just like Ollie and to know that his name will always be there. Kate and I did our best to hold it together but a few tears snuck out.

He also was able to create a wish pillow out of all his hopes and dreams. He pushed a magic button and a friendly, wise owl took him through the steps to turn his hopes into a pillow he would have forever.

Oliver's favorite part of Disney has been the character meet and greets. We've seen Mickey six times and hope to see him again tomorrow morning. I'd have to say that no one puts a smile on Ollie's face like Minnie.

This whole experience has made us cry so often in both joy and sadness. Everyone who has interacted with Ollie has done as much as they could to make him smile and make his day a little brighter. The volunteers at GKTW have been amazing and really do their best to make the experience special for the kids. The memories from the past few weeks will always be with us and we really can't thank everyone involved enough.
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  1. This was so touching!! AND yes I did cry when I read this. I want to thank you for sharing this trip to Disney,etc. It has made my day. Love u guys. Can't wait to see u all when u get back as I have something for u all