Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're home

After two long days Kate and I have our son back. He is now on an increased dosage of his anti-seizure medication and is close to being back to his baseline (where he was as of Friday).

The neurologist we were working with believes he suffered a seizure sometime early Saturday morning and the past three days have been the after effects. There was a point Sunday afternoon when he was not responding to visual stimulation and the doctor thought that his brain may have permanently lost its ability to process what he saw. We realized that our son may have already seen our faces for the last time. The pain we felt as we contemplated not only his blindness but his inability to understand what was happening was indescribable. If he was a little bit older we could have explained to him what was happening and how everything was going to be alright. At this age, however, he only knew that he could not see his parents and that he was scared.

Before Oliver began responding to us again Kate and I sat, held him, and cried. We thought that the summer we had planned to "Make Every Moment Count" had been taken from us. Now that we have him back, we will do even more to achieve that goal.

Thanks to everyone who texted, emailed, commented on the blog, reposted the blog link on Facebook, or just sent their thoughts and prayers Oliver's way. The support that we've gotten from family and friends has moved us both to tears of joy several times.

Pictures from the rest of our day:

Oliver gives Daddy his belated Father's Day gift. A collection of historical finger puppets from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild. "Look Dad, I'm taller than Napoleon!"

"Sure, Napoleon is interesting to learn about but I wonder what he tastes like."

"All that Emperor eating sure made me sleepy. Goodnight."


  1. What a precious little boy...great news!!!

  2. Katie,Chris and Ollie
    Thank God I am praying for you all.Put the update on the prayer line for my church and with my sister in Michigan may God give you all the love and the strength. We love u all,Allie

  3. I am so glad to hear Oliver is doing better. He is going to have a blast this summer! Happy Father's Day, Chris.