Saturday, June 23, 2012

Touch A Truck

Take bright colors, flashing lights, extremely loud horns, continuous sirens, put them together and what do you get? An awesome time for Oliver!

Oliver "drove" a police car, a firetruck, an ambulance, an 18 wheeler, and even a racecar! He had so much fun and we were so glad he felt well enough to go today because this event was truly a little boy's dream. :)

Look Dad, I'm driving a firetruck!

"license and registration please"

This car is almost as fast as my Daddy's Corolla.

This truck is much bigger than the ones at home...."


  1. Ollie and Mommy and Daddy: I am so glad you got to all these fun things today...I love all the smiles from all of you!! May God Bless you all and lots of love and hugs

  2. Aww he looks so happy! Katie, I love the pic of you two! Hs smile is precious! See...lots more smiles to come your way! Can't wait to see the Disney pics! Give Ollie a squeeze for me!