Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I wish my house was a mess

I wish I had the typical life of a toddler parent, chasing my child around the house, trying to stop him from getting in to anything and everything. Cleaning up his trail of toy destruction. I wish I had that type of exhaustion. Even when Oliver was walking at his best he never moved around fast enough to cause much of a mess or even get into trouble. He'd walk around cautiously like Frankenstein and it was easy for us to stay ahead. Once or twice he climbed up onto the computer chair, dare devil.

 In April, shortly after his MRI he stopped taking independent steps. He'll still walk if you hold both of his hands, but that is becoming very difficult for him. He travels by crawling now, but never more than a few feet. It's just too much work and he gets tired too quickly. He's completely content to sit and play with the toys closest to him. 

People often complain about picking up after their kids, but what I wouldn't give to have him turning this house upside down.

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