Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun at the Park

 He really wanted to climb this thing, and he thought it was so funny when he got up high he kept shouting at himself "Ged down Oliver!"

"Ged down" was his first and favorite sentence. Chris and I are always telling our cat Pippa to "Get down" off the couch and coffee table and then one day we heard a little voice say "Ged down Poppa" and we look over, and sure enough, he's reprimanding our cat.

He wanted to do it all by himself. He actually held on very well.
 Very high....

Slides are still Oliver's favorite part of any park, but we need to go down with him because he doesn't have the core strength to keep from falling over. And by "we" I mean "me" because one time Chris went down a slide with him and Oliver's foot got caught on the side and his ankle bent to some scary angle. Oliver was completely fine because his joints are so flexible, but Chris will never go down a slide again. Poor guy, they're pretty fun.

It doesn't need to have a horn, he'll still say "beep beep" and press the center of any type of steering wheel.

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