Thursday, June 21, 2012

All dressed up, but no firetrucks today

We are so disappointed, Oliver really wanted to see the firetrucks today, we've been making firetruck sounds for 3 straight days we were that excited.

Unfortunately Oliver  woke up in a lot of pain. Simply picking him up or repositioning him made him scream. The pain seems to be mostly in his back and neck but his legs and arms are stiff too. We gave him some pain medicine and he's more relaxed but only if he's held really still and it's making him groggy.

Thank you so much to Allie, Heather and the fire department, we truly hope we can make it another day.
My firetruck shirt
After some medicine I feel a little better and am watching a movie with my daddy

We talked to the neurologist, and we will need to keep altering his medicines until we find what keeps him the most comfortable, we're doing the baclofen 3x a day now and he said it was okay to spread the Keppra into 3 separate doses like I mentioned in yesterday's post. 


  1. We will get you all to see the Fire Trucks..Love u all

  2. The above message came from me,Allie as I was in aim under my son's name...