Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have a cookie or three...

Chris got these cookies from a friend last night. Normally this type of cookie wouldn't even come into our house. You know the kind- cheap ingredients you can't pronounce, the crazy fake colors, the high fat and sugar. They sound more like a science experiment than something you would eat!

They wouldn't enter the house, let alone our son! 

Well that was a month ago. Since being diagnosed, barely over a month ago, our child has probably eaten his weight in cookies. He's driven the car on Chris' lap up and down the driveway, we let him stay up past his "bedtime", we've cut him some slack on his vegetables.

Our parenting style has really changed, things that used to seem so important seem so trivial now. 

We took everything so seriously, he's cloth diapered because it's greener and we didn't want anything fake next to his skin, he eats like 90% organic, we'd sneak pureed veggies into his meals, and made him eat regular veggies too! (how awful of us!) I nursed him for 16 months to help him grow healthy and strong. We did "baby lead weaning". He would never go outside without sun screen, sun glasses, a hat, We even make his soap and shampoo ourselves to avoid artificial chemicals on his delicate skin. We only use special (and gosh expensive!) delicate/natural clothing detergent, green cleaning products for around the house, we don't even own fabric softener.  We didn't really let him watch any TV. We did baby sign language (he could do 50 signs) and did animal, words, shapes, numbers, and letter flashcards. We own enough "learning games" to open up our own store. 

You name it, if it's "crunchy" or "green", or "educational" we probably did it(or still do it). Just like any parent, we wanted to protect him from any possible danger, we wanted him to grow and thrive in both body and mind. I wish we could have protected him from this.

 So for now, if you're looking for us, we'll be sitting on the couch, eating cookies and icecream and watching episodes of Curious George.

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  1. You are so right. Any little thing that gives you and your family pleasure, do it.