Wear an Oliver's Team Bracelet

Show your support for Oliver 
and spread MLD awareness

Bracelet Reads "Oliver's Team Making Each Moment Count"

Shipping is Free. Please indicate through a note if you would prefer adult or youth sized bracelets.


If you'd like to show your support but cannot afford a bracelet. Email me at katecipa@gmail.com and I will send you one for free.

Paypal not working?  Or just want to buy it the old fashioned way? Send a check to
53 Hilltop View Road
New Milford, CT 06776


  1. Lots of love and postive thoughts sent to you daily.

  2. Hi,
    Its Megan and Heather
    Megan: I am sorry about little Oliver I hope you raise enough money to help him. I miss you so much:)
    Heather: I really miss you and I am so happy so many people are aware of Oliver's sickness. Paige Tannone, Emma Tagg, Amelia Mackay, and I all tried to make things and sell them to raise money unfortunately it didn't work out but we still tried.
    Both: You were the best teacher ever! We are both so happy that so many people came to his hockey game